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Alloy Steel Grade 1

Alloy Steel Grade 1 is among various industries' most popular carbon-based alloys. It mainly consists of iron, carbon, and manganese components with small amounts of phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and chromium. The presence of these elements makes it highly resistant to corrosion and wear compared to other high-performance alloys. Additionally, its excellent thermal properties make it suitable for applications requiring extreme temperatures and an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.


Alloy Steel Grade 1 is a low-carbon alloy primarily used in transportation and construction, thanks to its superior strength and durability. It is corrosion-resistant, has high wear resistance and hardness, and has good weldability properties. Additionally, it offers great machinability for complex components with intricate shapes that require precision cutting. In sum, Alloy Steel Grade 1 is an incredibly versatile material that can be used for various applications, including axle shafts, structural elements or pressure vessels.

Alloy Steel Grade 1 Equivalent Grades

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