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Alloy Steel Grade 5

Alloy Steel Grade 5 is a ferritic chromium-based steel alloy containing nickel, copper, aluminium, titanium and molybdenum elements. It has excellent mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures and high corrosion resistance, making it highly suitable for marine engineering applications. It also offers good wear resistance in combination with relatively low density, making it an ideal choice for lighter-weight markets like the aerospace industry.


Alloy Steel Grade 5 is a low-alloy, chromium-vanadium steel grade that offers excellent strength and toughness. It's used in manufacturing aerospace and automotive parts as well as structural components, such as bridge beams. Its ability to resist shock loads makes it ideal for applications such as machinery shafts, turbine blades, engineering tools and gears. It also has good weldability properties, allowing easy fabrication and repair when necessary. Furthermore, its corrosion resistance adds to the versatility of this alloy steel grade - making it a great candidate for use in high-wear environments where extreme temperatures are present.

Alloy Steel Grade 5 Equivalent Grades

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