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Aluminium 1100

Aluminium 1100 is an unalloyed aluminium ideal for deep drawing and spinning operations. It has excellent corrosion resistance due to its high purity, relatively low strength, and flexibility. This makes it the perfect material choice for various applications, including appliances, cookware, and decorations. Additionally, its superior electrical and thermal conductivity properties compared to other metals in the same class, such as copper or brass, make it popular in electronics manufacturing industries.


Aluminium 1100 is an incredibly versatile, malleable, and lightweight material often used in construction applications due to its impressive strength. It has a good surface for finishing and offers excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to the elements. It’s also highly malleable, making it easy to shape into specific dimensions. From electrical wiring components to panels for transport vehicles and window frames for aeroplanes, Aluminium 1100 can be used in countless industrial applications. Its non-toxic nature makes it suitable for food packaging as well, ensuring safety and quality of products.


Aluminium 1100 Equivalent Grades

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