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Aluminium 2014

Aluminum 2014 (Al-Cu-Mg) is an alloy of aluminium, copper, and magnesium. It's a heat-treatable wrought alloy with high strength and excellent machinability. Its composition is 94.2% aluminium, 4.5% copper, and 1.3% magnesium in weight percentage. The combination of these elements makes it suitable for various applications that require good formability and weldability, along with medium strength and high corrosion resistance at the same time. This makes it one of the most important commercial alloys available today!


Aluminium 2014 is commercially pure aluminium with excellent mechanical properties and formability. Its strength is similar to that of mild steel while having the advantage of being weightier. It has excellent corrosion resistance due to a thin but strong oxide film on its surface. Moreover, Aluminium 2014 has great weldability and can be cold-worked for further increased strength. It also has good electrical conductivity, making it an ideal material for electronics applications such as casings and heat sinks. Furthermore, aluminium 2014 offers various uses, from aerospace components to cookware, due to its mix of formability, strength and durability.

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