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Aluminium 2017

Aluminium 2017 is an alloy composed of 93.6% aluminium, 4.5-5.9% copper, 0.3-0.7% manganese, and 0.2% silicon by weight, with small amounts of magnesium and iron to improve its mechanical properties and zinc for casting purposes. It is often used in various aerospace applications, such as components for aircraft, due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent thermal conductivity properties. Aluminium 2017 is also used in parts that require high electrical conductivity or complex shapes that cannot be produced with pure aluminium alloys due to their lower formability capabilities at cold working temperatures. It offers superior corrosion resistance to other alloys, making it especially useful for marine applications where salt water would otherwise break down the material more quickly.


Aluminium 2017 is an alloy of aluminium and other elements that can be used in various industries. It is notable for its superior strength, corrosion resistance, weldability and formability compared to other materials. There are numerous applications where Aluminium 2017 can be used, including medical devices, aerospace components, transportation industries, automotive parts and more. Its lightweight and durability make it an ideal material for many applications as it decreases overall weight while increasing the stability required for certain components. Furthermore, Aluminium 2017 has very good thermal conductivity, which allows effective heat transfer when used in heat exchangers or radiators, among others. All these properties make Aluminium 2017 a highly desirable material for various uses across multiple industries.


Aluminium 2017 Equivalent Grades

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