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Aluminium 2024

Aluminium 2024 is an alloy composed of aluminium, copper and magnesium. It is a high-strength material with excellent fatigue resistance and heat treatability, making it ideal for structural applications such as aerospace components exposed to extreme temperatures. Its properties make it well-suited for various industrial applications, including automotive parts, forgings and heavy-duty structures. It can be machined into complex shapes easily due to its excellent formability. Aluminium 2024 is a corrosion-resistant alloy that further boosts its versatility and makes it one of the most reliable materials available today!


Aluminium 2024 is an aluminium alloy with copper, manganese, and magnesium. It is known for its strength and high fatigue resistance, which makes it popularly used in aircraft components such as fuselage structures, wings, and skin. It also has excellent machinability and corrosion-resistance properties, making it suitable for applications requiring intricate parts or exposure to harsh conditions. The malleability of the metal also allows it to be formed into different shapes with ease.

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