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Aluminium 7050

Aluminium 7050 is an aerospace-grade aluminium alloy typically used in the aircraft and aerospace industries. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, very good fatigue strength and strong resistance to corrosion and cracking. It is composed of zinc as the primary alloying element added to a combination of magnesium, copper, chromium and other elements, resulting in a high toughness heat-treatable alloy. Its composition also contains manganese, silicon, iron and titanium, making it a well-balanced combination for most applications.


Aluminium 7050 is a popular aluminium alloy among aircraft and aerospace manufacturers. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it is light yet strong enough for use on large-scale projects. Also, Aluminium 7050 is highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking and fatigue damage; its high tolerance against these issues makes it perfect for aerospace applications requiring top-notch structural integrity. Its good resistance to weldability means that fabricators or users can easily perform the necessary repairs or modifications needed in any airframe structure built from this alloy. Thus, Aluminium 7050 finds extensive usage in aircraft parts like wings, fuselage frames, wing spars, and other uses such as turbine blades or missile components.

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