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Aluminium Bronze C60800

Aluminium Bronze C60800 is a heat-treatable bronze alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and strength. It has excellent mechanical properties with tensile strength ranging from 400-675 MPa, yield strength of 310-480 MPa, and elongation of 15–30%. Its composition consists mostly of copper (88%), aluminium (9%), iron (1%) and manganese (2%). Adding aluminium gives this alloy superior resistance to general atmosphere corrosion and more severe forms such as pitting and crevice corrosion. Additionally, its flexibility allows it to be used in many applications, including marine engineering components, hot water storage tanks, valves & fittings for corrosive liquids, etc.


Aluminium Bronze C60800 is often used in marine applications, such as propellers, valves and boat parts. It has good corrosion resistance and can handle exposure to seawater and other harsh environments. It also has excellent mechanical strength, with a tensile strength of 525 MPa (76 ksi) and high flexibility, making it an ideal metal for many different uses. It also has very good electrical conductivity properties, making it suitable for applications like electrical wiring.

Aluminium Bronze C60800 Equivalent Grades

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