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Aluminium Bronze C61000

Aluminium Bronze C61000 is a type of copper alloy that contains aluminium, nickel, and iron. It provides superior strength and wear resistance to other copper alloys while maintaining excellent corrosion resistance. Its high aluminium content contributes to increased hardness, flexibility, and strength. The C61000 composition tolerance typically ranges between 8-10% aluminium on the lower end to 12-14% at the upper end, with traces of nickel and iron and trace elements like zinc or beryllium.


Aluminium Bronze C61000 is an alloy composed of copper, aluminium, and small traces of iron, manganese, and nickel. It has excellent resistance to corrosion in seawater environments as well as high strength and malleability. Furthermore, it exhibits superior wear resistance due to its low-friction nature. As such, it is widely used for marine applications such as propellers and shafts for ships and boats. Additionally, C61000 can be deployed in a number of non-marine applications like pump shaft bearings due to its electrical conductivity.

Aluminium Bronze C61000 Equivalent Grades

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