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Aluminium Bronze C62300

Aluminium Bronze C62300 is a copper-based alloy featuring high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Its composition consists of 8–9.5% aluminium, 0.2–1% iron, 1–3% manganese, 0.15% nickel, 0.05–0.4% silicon and the remainder being composed of copper with small amounts of other elements such as zinc and lead in some cases. It has a good combination of hardness and flexibility, reasonably high strength values even at elevated temperatures, and good bearing properties due to its low coefficient friction. This makes it suitable for use in applications requiring wear resistance under heavy loads or exposure to salt water or other corrosive environments like marine propellers, where it can provide superior performance than regular bronze alloys due to its higher mechanical properties over a wider temperature range, making it an ideal choice in many industrial scenarios.


Aluminium Bronze C62300 has high strength and is highly corrosion resistant. Due to its anti-corrosive qualities, it is often used for applications in the marine industry, such as propellers, shafts, hull plates and valves. In addition, it is also commonly used in electrical connectors, pumps, fasteners and industrial machinery parts due to its mechanical properties, including wear resistance and low friction coefficient.

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