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Aluminium Bronze C63000

Aluminium Bronze C63000 is a copper-based alloy containing 8% aluminium, 7% iron and other trace elements, including nickel and manganese. This alloy combines the superior strength of aluminium with the excellent corrosion resistance of bronze, making it an ideal choice for many industrial applications like valves, pumps, marine hardware & shafts. The high strength and excellent fatigue behaviour make C63000 suitable for large casting components subject to heavy loads. Its corrosion resistance is further bolstered by a thin protective oxide film on its surface, which helps protect against atmospheric corrosion in most environments.


Aluminium Bronze C63000 is an alloy composed primarily of copper and aluminium. It has excellent corrosion resistance, superior wear resistance, superior machinability and high strength properties. This alloy can be used in various industrial applications such as marine engineering, pump impellers and components for the oil industry, hydraulic tubing systems, shaft bushings, etc. C63000 also exhibits outstanding weldability, making it suitable for welding with most standard alloys.

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