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Brass C23000

C23000, commonly known as red brass, is a copper-zinc alloy composed of 85% copper and 15% zinc. It's an alpha-beta brass alloy with excellent mechanical properties, making it highly durable and strong for industrial applications. Its name is derived from its high copper content - with 23% of the metal being copper. The base colour of this alloy is reddish due to the presence of additional metals, such as manganese, in small amounts. Red brass has great machinability and exhibits excellent hot forging characteristics, making it suitable for numerous mechanical parts used in manufacturing plants worldwide.


Brass C23000 is a copper-zinc alloy with superior corrosion resistance and high conductivity. This makes it an ideal choice for electrical and electronic applications, as well as plumbing, automotive components, decorative fixtures and hardware. It also has excellent machinability, making it easy to work with when creating intricate parts. The strength of the alloy comes from its ability to form a protective layer on the surface of metal that shields against oxidation and wear. C23000 is one of the most popular brasses used due to its exceptional characteristics, such as its tarnish-resistant finish, impressive malleability, easy weldability and low cost compared to other copper alloys.

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