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Brass C27000

Brass C27000, or Cartridge Brass or 70/30 brass, is an alloy of 70% copper and 30% zinc. The high copper content makes it a malleable metal that is easily formed into complex shapes using various manufacturing processes. Its primary uses are in manufacturing cartridges, springs, electrical products, plumbing fixtures, nuts and bolts, tanks and containers for storing liquids and gases. Additionally, this alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion due to its composition—it is particularly resistant to dezincification when exposed to salt water or other corrosive elements.


Brass C27000 is an alloy of copper and zinc that offers excellent corrosion resistance, machinability, and wear resistance. It can be used for precision die-casting components such as bushings, bearings, valves, and fittings; plumbing fixtures; decorative parts such as door hinges; electrical components like connectors and terminals; and other applications needing a low-melting-point metal. The alloy's mechanical properties depend on the proportions of copper to zinc present - typically 68%-77% copper to 23%-32% zinc. Whether you're looking for high strength or superior ductility - Brass C27000 has you covered with excellent workability, offering improved formability under pressure.

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