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Brass C27200

C27200 is a form of brass, sometimes called "Free-Cutting" or "Led" Brass. It is an alloy composed mainly of copper (60% - 65%) and zinc (37% - 42%), with the remaining 2% – 3% being lead, iron, manganese, aluminium and silicone. This alloy offers excellent machinability for threaded components and other fixtures that require precision cutting or drilling. It also has high electrical conductivity properties and superior corrosion resistance when exposed to saltwater environments. Its combination of hardness & strength makes it ideal for screw machine parts requiring superior tensile properties and good dimensional accuracy.


Brass C27200 is a high-grade copper alloy with great strength, malleability and corrosion resistance. Its properties make it ideal for various applications in heavy industry, including valve components, appliance trim, door hardware, screws and nails and electrical connectors. It is also frequently used in decorative items such as jewellery due to its attractive gold-like colour. In addition to its usability in the metals industry, it has numerous medical uses, such as metal orthopaedic implants and instruments, among others, due to its biocompatibility.

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