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Brass C28000

Brass C28000, otherwise known as 70/30 brass or cartridge brass, is a copper-zinc alloy composed of 70 per cent copper and 30 per cent zinc. It's a strong alloy has good machinability properties, making it an ideal material for many industrial applications, such as plumbing parts and electrical components. Additionally, this type of brass is corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic, which allows it to be used in marine environments without the risk of rusting or being affected by magnetic fields.


Brass C28000 is an alloy that is mainly composed of copper and zinc. It offers good corrosion resistance, machinability, formability, high strength, solderability, and moderate electrical conductivity. This type of brass is frequently used in pipes and fittings for plumbing applications and fasteners, gears, impeller blades and valve components. It also has many industrial uses, such as producing coins or musical instruments, due to its superior mechanical properties and unique colour combination, making it visually appealing.

Brass C28000 Equivalent Grades

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