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Brass C33000

Brass C33000 is an alpha-beta alloy of brass composed primarily of copper and zinc. It contains a minimum of 58 per cent copper, with the balance comprising mainly zinc and trace amounts of lead, iron, manganese, aluminium, arsenic, and antimony. The alloy has excellent machinability capabilities and good strength properties across a wide temperature range. Its yield strength is nearly double that of other alloys, and it exhibits good elasticity even at room temperature.


Brass C33000, known as red brass, is an alloy of equal proportions of copper and zinc. This combination enables it to deliver superior tensile strength and hardness compared to other standard brasses. It also has high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance qualities, making it ideal for applications requiring a strong bond or connection. Additionally, its flexibility makes it useful for creating intricate design features such as intricate engravings and decorated fixtures. Its malleability allows for creating complex shapes without any further processing needs. In summary, Brass C33000 offers a range of properties such as good tensile strength, electrical conductivity, malleability and corrosion resistance, which make it highly versatile and suitable for many applications.

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