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Brass C37000

Brass C37000, also known as Free Machining Brass, is an alloy of copper (63%) and zinc (37%). It provides superior machinability and is the most free-cutting brass in the US. The alloys in this composition create a strong material that can be used for any high-strength application. In addition to its robustness and excellent corrosion resistance against water and other elements, it is ideal for plumbing fixtures or outdoor architectural applications. Its flexibility makes it easy to work with, while its strength allows for intricate details in creations like sculptures and decorative art pieces. Finally, brass C37000 is cost-effective, making it attractive to hobbyists and industrial manufacturing operations alike!


Brass C37000 is a type of copper-zinc alloy commonly used in manufacturing. It is highly corrosion-resistant and offers excellent machinability, making it a popular choice for plumbing applications, industrial parts, electronic components, fasteners, etc. Cold working methods such as cold forming or drawing can further enhance its strength. In addition to its mechanical properties, the alloy is also non-magnetic and radiation-shielded, which makes it ideal for aerospace components that require those features.

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