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Copper C10100

Copper C10100 is an oxygen-free, highly conductive copper alloy composed of 99.99% pure copper. It can be easily machined and cold-worked due to its excellent formability and good strength properties. Other key characteristics include corrosion resistance, superior electrical conductivity (as it contains greater than 100% IACS), and excellent thermal insulating capabilities. This alloy also offers a wide range of applications in the electronics industry as connectors or cables due to its high purity content.


Copper C10100 is an oxygen-free and high electrical conductivity copper alloy known for its high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is often used in conductor bars, heat exchanger plates, busbars, transformers, and other electrical products. This alloy has excellent workability, good strength, and great corrosion resistance. Copper C10100's ability to resist corrosion makes it an ideal choice in most environments and electronics applications that require low contact resistance. Additionally, this alloy can be brazed or soldered easily, making it a versatile material for many different applications.

Copper C10100 Equivalent Grades

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