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Copper C10200

Copper C10200 is an alloy of 99.9% pure copper and 0.04-0.4% phosphorus as the only major impurity element. This alloy, also known as oxygen-free electronic (OFE), has excellent ductility, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance properties, making it ideal for various applications. It can be used to make components such as electric wiring, connectors, and even some medical tools due to its low reactivity with body fluids or air oxygen, making it especially valuable. Additionally, its high thermal conductivity makes C10200 popular for heat exchangers or radiators where higher temperatures are needed for efficient reaction rates while preserving material integrity from wear and tear over long periods.


Copper C10200 is a copper alloy with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, making it an ideal choice in many industries. This alloy has superior strength and workability properties, which make it a top choice for applications such as radiators, connectors, switchgear components, springs and electrodes. Thanks to its chemical composition (95% copper and 5% zinc), Copper C10200 is resistant to corrosion from water, oxygen and ozone exposure. Due to its good ductility properties, it can be soldered or brazed easily. It also features excellent fatigue characteristics, making it well-suited for automotive components requiring long service life under varying loads or cycling conditions.

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