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Copper C10300

Copper C10300 is an oxygen-free, electrolytic-grade copper with a minimum conductivity rating of 100% IACS. It is the highest purity commercially available copper and is typically used in applications that require exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity. It consists of 99.95 - 99.99% copper, along with trace amounts of oxygen (0.003 - 0.010%), phosphorus (0.001%) and sulfur (0.002%). This composition provides excellent flexibility for high-voltage transmission lines and other electronic components and superior oxidation resistance when exposed to extreme temperatures or certain chemicals like hydrogen sulfide gas. The combination makes it one of the most valuable metals around!


Copper C10300 is a copper alloy composed of 99.9% copper and 0.4-0.7% zinc with small amounts of nickel, iron, lead, and arsenic elements. It has excellent electrical conductivity properties and is highly malleable compared to other copper alloys. It is ideal for transformer cores, bus bars, radiators and battery components. Additionally, its thermal conductivity makes it suitable for heating systems because it is easy to form into tubes or thin sheets around radiators, resulting in faster heat transfer than other alloys.

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