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Copper C10400

Copper C10400 is a copper alloy composed of 99.9% copper, 0.06% iron, and 0.04% oxygen. This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, making it popular in electronics for components such as connectors and wiring insulation. It also has good flexibility, allowing it to be formed into complex shapes with ease. The excellent corrosion properties make this material suitable for applications where exposure to highly corrosive environments is expected, such as marine environments or coastal areas prone to rain or salty air.


Copper C10400, or Oxygen-Free Electronic (OFE) copper, is among the most popular metals in electrical and electronic applications. It has excellent electrical conductivity, low contact resistance, superior oxidation resistance and a high level of corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it is cost-effective for many applications, such as power distribution systems and circuit breakers. In addition to its superior electrical properties, Copper C10400 is highly resistant to fire and heat damage, making it ideal for protecting against fires caused by short circuits or building wiring defects. Lastly, this type of copper can also produce foil shielding tapes, which protect from electromagnetic interference or radiation when used in electronic devices…

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