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Copper C10500

Copper C10500 is a form of copper with high electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. It has an oxygen content lower than 0.02%, which makes it particularly useful for welding and brazing applications. Its composition includes 99.95% copper, with the remaining 0.05% comprising phosphorus, manganese, nickel, lead, iron and aluminium. It also contains trace amounts of other elements, such as beryllium and sulfur, which give it its properties. Copper C10500 is incredibly versatile because of its many favourable characteristics, making it suitable for various applications, from electronics to plumbing work!


Copper C10500 is a copper-based alloy with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, high flexibility, low thermal expansion properties, and good corrosion resistance. It can be found in various applications such as electronic components, automotive parts, roofing systems, air-conditioners, heat exchangers and power transmission lines. It can also be used for solder pots or assembly boards due to its excellent weldability characteristics. Copper C10500 has an attractive yellow colour, making it ideal for decorative applications. Its superior mechanical properties make it one of the most versatile materials available today!

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