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Copper C11000

Copper C11000, also known as electrolytic tough pitch copper, is an oxygen-free copper alloy with a minimum of 99.9% Cu content. It has superior electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance properties, making it the most popular choice for electronic connectors and other applications requiring high conductivity. Copper C11000 also contains trace elements such as phosphorus (0.015–0.040%), iron (0.50%), zinc (0.25%) and manganese (up to 0.35%). Additionally, this alloy exhibits excellent hot working properties, which make it suitable for manufacturing parts like electric motors, capacitors, printed circuit boards, etc., leading to its widespread use in the electronics industry today!


Copper C11000, also known as electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper, is widely used in commercial and industrial applications due to its excellent electrical conductivity and malleability. It has a superior corrosion resistance ability compared to other non-ferrous alloys and can be readily cold-worked for forming operations. The alloy also offers excellent thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties, making it suitable for various applications, including wiring components in electronics equipment, pipes & tubing used in plumbing systems, heat exchangers for air conditioning units, and cooling systems. It is also ideal for hot forging processes where strength is desired without compromising its ductility characteristics.

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