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Copper C12000

Copper C12000 is an alloy made from copper and other alloying elements. It contains up to 12% zinc, tin, nickel, iron, manganese, aluminium, and silicon. This combination creates a high-performance material that is both malleable and strong. Copper C12000 has numerous applications in engineering due to its impressive electrical properties and corrosion resistance. This alloy also provides excellent formability, making it highly desirable for use in components requiring precision machining.


Copper C12000 is a highly pure grade of copper popularly used in electrical and electronic applications. This grade has excellent mechanical and electrical properties, which makes it suitable for use in components such as connectors, bushings, motors, switches, and relays. It is also widely used as a conductor for data transmission due to its low impedance values. Copper C12000 offers superior corrosion resistance and is an ideal choice for many industrial applications where high levels of purity are required. Overall, this grade of copper provides great value with its versatile range of uses and robust properties.

Copper C12000 Equivalent Grades

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