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Copper C14300

Copper C14300 is a copper alloy composed of 91.8% copper, 7.5% zinc, and 0.7% tin. It contains just enough tin to make it resistant to dezincification corrosion when exposed to marine or other wet environments. This alloy has good forming characteristics, excellent thermal conductivity and strength, and good resistance to wear and tear – making it ideal for various applications like air conditioning/refrigeration tubing, battery plates, electrical hardware, power switches & wiring components. C14300 is also extensively used in architectural building products due to its superior corrosive-resistant qualities and formability over Pure Copper (C11000).


Copper C14300 is primarily used for industrial and commercial applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and toughness. It is composed of a mix of copper alloys, including zinc and nickel, which gives it an improved flexibility and hardness over pure copper. This makes the alloy ideal for die casting, fasteners, springs, pins and valves. In addition to its mechanical properties, copper C14300 offers superior electrical conductivity and low thermal expansion rates. Its temperature range ranges from -55°C up to +180°C, making it ideal for use in environments with extreme temperatures or where high levels of wear may be present.

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