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Copper C14420

Copper C14420 is a type of copper alloy that consists primarily of copper, with other elements such as nickel, iron and zinc. This alloy is designed to provide enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion in temperatures up to 550 degrees Celsius (1022°F). It also has good creep strength resistance when exposed to higher temperatures. Copper C14420 can be used for various applications, including valve seats, shafts, connectors and blocks.


Copper C14420 is a copper-zinc alloy with superior corrosion resistance and strength in service temperatures up to 1,200°F (650°C). Its combination of properties makes it a great choice for industrial applications such as framing and piping, where it can help improve heat transfer performance. It's also resistant to acidic acids, other basic solutions, and various organic compounds, making it ideal for plumbing fixtures in chemical process plants. Adding zinc to the alloy increases its strength more than either element would have. As such, Copper C14420 is an excellent material for long-lasting high-temperature components in manufacturing environments.

Copper C14420 Equivalent Grades

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