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Copper C19210

Copper C19210 is an alloy composed of 99% copper. It also contains 0.2-0.6% tin, 0.2-0.7% iron, and up to 0.05% phosphorus for enhanced strength and durability in engineering applications such as valve components, rods, gears and hardware components, among other products made from this alloy material. This type of copper metal is commonly used due to its strong mechanical properties, such as good flexibility and high resistance against corrosion, which helps increase service life of parts manufactured from it compared to pure copper alloys with no added elements or properties enhancement coatings applied after fabrication processes are completed on the part itself during production cycles before passing quality inspections prior shipping for actual use either domestically or internationally worldwide depending on customer specified requirements at the time order was placed with the supplier via sales agreement contract signed off by both parties (buyer/supplier).


Copper C19210 is a copper-based alloy with excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. It is used in applications where exposure to various corrosive environments is common. This alloy offers superior formability, ductility and machinability compared to other alloys with similar properties. The combination of its high strength and conductivity makes it ideal for automotive wiring, connectors, shafts, tubing and hose clamps. In addition, due to its strength, it can be used in constructing buildings and bridges and marine infrastructure such as moorings or pilings.

Copper C19210 Equivalent Grades

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