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Nickel alloy 201

Nickel Alloy 201 is a commercially pure nickel alloy with excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It contains 99.6% minimum nickel, with the remainder of manganese, sulfur, iron and silicon for added strength. The composition also makes it suitable for welding and brazing. This particular alloy has a low concentration of carbon – 0.02 per cent max – so it doesn’t have any significant embrittlement after long exposure at high temperatures. As such, this material is sought-after in chemical processing applications that require long-term heat stability and pressure vessels and pumps that need protection from corrosive materials at elevated temperatures.


Nickel Alloy 201 is a versatile, cost-effective nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with excellent resistance to oxidation and carburization and a wide range of other corrosion processes. This makes it ideal for many industrial applications such as chemical processing, pollution control technology and heat exchangers. Its low carbon content makes it very useful in nuclear reactors and medical implants due to its high corrosion resistance. Nickel Alloy 201 has great mechanical properties at increased temperatures, making it extremely durable in high-temperature environments like aerospace systems or engine components.

Nickel alloy 201 Equivalent Grades

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