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Phosphorus Bronze C51000

Phosphorus Bronze C51000 is a copper alloy that consists of tin, phosphorus, and a small amount of zinc. It offers good strength, excellent corrosion resistance and wear properties. Its high tensile strength and hardness values are often used in applications such as marine hardware, bushings or bearings for heavy loads under severe conditions such as wetness or low temperatures. It is often chosen for its superior fatigue life and non-sparking properties in hazardous environments.

Phosphorus Bronze C51000 is an alloy of copper, tin, and phosphorous. It has high electrical and thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance, making it a popular choice for marine hardware, bushings, washers, coins, and electrical connectors. Additionally, C51000 has superior wear resistance and strength compared to other copper-based alloys, making it suitable for bearing components with sliding motions.

Phosphorus Bronze C51000 Equivalent Grades

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