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Phosphorus Bronze C54400

Phosphorus bronze C54400 is an alloy of copper and varying amounts of tin (usually around 9%), phosphorous (around 0.4-0.6%) and other trace elements, such as zinc, lead, iron, manganese and nickel. The high levels of phosphorus provide excellent resistance to corrosion in most environments. At the same time, the presence of tin increases its tensile strength and good wear resistance because it is unlike graphite in lubricants, which reduces friction by filling the microscopic ridges between two mating surfaces. This combination makes C54400 a great choice for applications requiring parts with superior strength and long-term wear resistance.

Phosphorus Bronze C54400 is an alloy made of copper, tin and a small amount of phosphorus. It has excellent corrosion resistance properties due to the presence of phosphorus, making it ideal for use in corrosive marine applications. In addition, its strength-to-weight ratio helps to reduce vibration and noise levels when used as components in machines. Additionally, being highly ductile and malleable makes it suitable for cold-forming processes such as stamping or bending. This material is often used in structural applications that require high-strength yet lightweight parts that won't rust over time.

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