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Phosphorus Bronze PB2

Phosphorus bronze PB2 is an alloy made of copper, tin and phosphorus. Tin content varies from 0.25%-0.37%, while phosphorus content varies from 0.04%-1.5%. Compared to other brass alloys, this combination improves wear resistance, tensile strength and creep properties. It makes it ideal for applications such as bearings, electrical components and aircraft parts exposed to high stress or vibration levels over a long period.

Phosphorus bronze PB2 is a type of copper alloy widely used in several applications due to its impressive properties. With excellent corrosion, wear and fatigue resistance, it has become a popular choice for marine components, electrical connectors and automotive components. PB2 also has superior bearing capabilities and flexibility, making it ideal for pulleys or other sliding applications. Additionally, its unique composition gives it an anti-galling property that allows the component to move without seizing up or sticking together when subjected to heat or vibration.

Phosphorus Bronze PB2 Equivalent Grades

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