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Phosphorus Bronze PB3

Phosphorus bronze, or PB3 or C51000, is an alloy of copper, zinc, and tin with a trace amount of phosphorus. It has excellent wear resistance and strength properties due to the presence of phosphorus in its composition. The addition of phosphorus also makes it resistant to corrosion caused by salt water. This material often produces high-quality electric contact components due to its low electrical resistivity and great dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. In addition, it provides superior performance under shock loads compared to other non-ferrous metals, which makes it useful for applications such as gears and pinions.

Phosphorus Bronze PB3 is an alloy composed of approximately 88-92% copper and 7.5-10% tin, with a trace amount of phosphorus (0.15 - 0.35%). It has excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, and superb wear resistance, making it ideal for use in bearings, gears, marine propeller shafts, bushings and other applications exposed to harsh environments or requiring good lubrication properties. In addition to its exceptional mechanical performance characteristics, Phosphorus Bronze PB3 offers outstanding electrical conduction properties.

Phosphorus Bronze PB3 Equivalent Grades

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