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Pure Tungsten W-2

Pure Tungsten W-2 is a tungsten-based alloy composed mainly of tungsten (W) and 2% other elements like vanadium (V) and iron (Fe). It has great thermal stability, corrosion resistance, heat conductivity, low expansion coefficient and toughness. Outstanding arc erosion resistance, hot strength, thermal fatigue strength, and structural integrity performance. Due to its excellent material properties, Pure Tungsten W-2 is widely used for automotive radiators and electronic vacuum devices as electrode tips in high-power industry applications such as petrochemical production.

Pure tungsten W-2 is an elemental metal with excellent properties and a wide range of applications. It has a high melting point ranging between 3422°C - 3695°C, stability to oxidation at room temperatures and excellent thermal conductivity. Furthermore, it exhibits good strength even at elevated temperatures, which makes it suitable for use in many industrial fields. Its non-reactive nature also makes it ideal for long-term use in situations requiring corrosion or erosion resistance. Additionally, its ability to remain pliable when heated allows easier fabrication into desired shapes while retaining its mechanical performance values.

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