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Stainless Steel 17-4Ph

Stainless Steel 17-4Ph is a precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel with corrosion resistance comparable to 304. Its high strength, good fatigue properties and excellent wear resistance make it an ideal material for use in aircraft components such as bushings, valves and shafts. The strength of this alloy comes from its precise balance of chromium, nickel, copper and niobium/tantalum, making it resistant to stress corrosion cracking and oxidation even after prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures. It also has good weldability, making it desirable in many applications, including medical devices and oil exploration tools.

Stainless Steel 17-4Ph is a precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. The alloy contains approximately 15-17.5% chromium, 3-5% nickel, and other minor elements such as copper, manganese, nitrogen, silicon and sulfur. This combination of metals helps improve its mechanical properties, such as flexibility and toughness. Heat-treating this alloy can also increase its strength, leading to increased durability in tough conditions like acidic environments or extreme hot and cold temperatures.

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