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Stainless Steel 201

Stainless steel 201 is the most commonly used austenitic form of stainless steel. It contains roughly 16-18 per cent chromium and 6-8 per cent nickel, with the other elements varying based on the grade. Its properties create an alloy that is highly corrosion-resistant, magnetic and strong while also being lightweight and cost-effective for many applications. It has a high degree of malleability, allowing it to be shaped into many different forms without losing its strength or durability. It is ideal for custom projects where unique shapes are needed. It also has excellent welding capabilities and can often be welded without any additional processing, such as annealing. Lastly, one of its great benefits is its wide range of finishes, making it perfect for any aesthetic design needs you may have for your project.


Stainless Steel 201 is a low-carbon, non-magnetic stainless steel alloy with high amounts of chromium, nickel and nitrogen, providing great corrosion resistance. It can also withstand higher temperatures than other steel alloys, making it suitable for various applications, including furniture, medical equipment and appliances. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it especially useful in food processing environments and other industries requiring these properties. Moreover, its unique structure makes it particularly ideal for fabricating deep drawing parts such as sinks or pans.

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