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Stainless Steel 202

Stainless Steel 202 is an austenitic stainless steel that contains about 17-19% chromium, 8-10.5% nickel and 4-6% manganese. It also includes small quantities of other elements such as molybdenum, nitrogen, sulfur and carbon. The material has good mechanical properties with excellent formability, which makes it a popular choice for making kitchenware, cutlery and hardware products. Additionally, its high resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for applications in corrosive environments such as ships or chemical plants.


Stainless Steel 202 is an austenitic chromium-nickel-manganese stainless steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance in various atmospheric environments and many corrosive media. It has good weldability and formability, and is readily brake or roll formed into various components for applications in the industrial, architectural, and transportation fields. Its toughness at low temperatures makes it suitable for cryogenic applications as well. In addition to corrosion resistance, other key features include high heat transfer efficiency due to its increased thermal conductivity compared to mild carbon steels, excellent forming characteristics at both room temperature and low temperatures such as cryogens , plus strong mechanical properties even at higher temperatures than common austenitic grades.

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