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Stainless Steel 440C

Stainless steel 440C is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel with high wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, superior strength and high hardness. Its composition is 0.95-1.2% carbon, 14-15% chromium, 1 % manganese, 1 % silicon, 0.3 % nickel and 0.035 phosphorus & sulfur each. This combination provides an excellent balance of hardenability and wear & corrosion resistance while also offering medium toughness in lower section thicknesses allowing for its common use in cutlery items such as knives and blades due to its impressive edge retention properties!


Stainless Steel 440C is often used for various applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and hardness, wear resistance, and low cost. It is frequently used in knife-making due to its toughness and edge retention capabilities. In addition, it also has many uses in the aerospace industry for turbine blades or other parts that require superior performance under extreme conditions. Furthermore, it is widely used in dental and medical instruments due to its good weldability properties. Finally, stainless steel 440C shows excellent fatigue strength, making it suitable for several demanding applications such as ball bearings & bushings.

Stainless Steel 440C Equivalent Grades

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