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Alloy Steel Nuts

Are you finding a tool to connect two elements together? If yes, then buying Alloy Steel Nuts would be helpful and ideal for you. This is the product which never gets corroded and that is why it is used at an exceedingly high temperature as well as under water atmospheres. It also offers a vigorous joint and there is no slip between the objects connected. Large tensile stresses are made available in this nut which in turn offers large clamping force to the objects connected. Not only this, high frictional resistance is made available to cater a high static strength to the joint. This is highly non corrosive nuts and has the better chemical and mechanical properties even under harsh conditions.


Alloy Steel Nuts are made in accordance with the international quality of standards and can be purchased in different sizes, grades, diameter as well as lengths. It is used by many industrial sectors now a day because of it’s mentioned above good features and properties. It is also available in various finishing treatments like matt finish, rust corrosion, black polished and so on.