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Alloy Steel Screw

We provide Alloy Steel Screw in many types such as alloy steel socket head screw, alloy steel anchor screw, and alloy steel thread and many more. All these screws are available in many shapes, sizes, and standards so that all the customers’ demand can be met. Due to these properties, they are used in cement, construction, chemical, petrochemical, and domestic uses as well. We are a quality company who only gives the standard product with the best raw material used by an expert technician and advanced technology. People trust us with quality.


Sizes and types-

To standardize our products we made it with specifications of ASTM A 193, ASME SA 193 and standards of BS, IN and DIN. The size length of these screws is available in 3mm to 200mm with custom sizes available so that everyone’s demand can be met. One can order Alloy Steel Screw in a machine, panel screw, concrete screw, anchor screw, blind screw, socket set screw etc. The screws from our company are tested in quality and provided with a quality check so that only the best quality is delivered to our customers. You can trust us with standard and quality as we are the most reliable service provider in the market.