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Alloy Steel Washer

Are you in need of the alloy steel washer but thinking? If yes, then this article is meant for you as we have collected some necessary information regarding these washers. First of all, we will see the specification of this washer.  So the common specification of these types of washers is that they are manufactured as per DIN, ISO, BS and IS. And the class of the alloy steel washer is 10.9/10/0 or 8/8/8.0. The diameter of the washer will be from M6 to M48 while the length will be from 16mm to 500mm in metric range while in inches the diameter will be from ¼”-2” and the length will be 5/8” to 20”.


The finishing given to the alloy steel washer is the electro zinc plated dacrotized, blackened, as well as hot dipped. These washers are packed in the carton if they are ordered in bulk or they can be packed in small boxes too. The tests and third-party inspection is done before the packaging and then only they are packed and delivered to the customers. So, I hope this information was useful for you.