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Aluminium Bronze Fasteners

Aluminium Bronze Fasteners are silver white in colour. They have good ductility and are soft in nature. Aluminium Bronze belongs to those elements that are found in abundance on earth. The density of the Fasteners made form aluminium is low. The corrosion of aluminium in corrosive mediums is prevented, due to a passivating layer produced over its surface. Silicon, manganese and copper are some elements that are alloyed with aluminium.

Thermal and electrical conductivity of aluminium is similar to that of copper. But the density of aluminium is only 30% of copper. Aluminium Bronze is capable of conducting 1.2Kelvin temperature and 100 gauss magnetic field. Aluminium is a superconductor. It is also, used in the fabrication of superconductors. Bolts, Screws, U-Bolts, J-bolts, Hex Nuts, Nuts, and Washers are types of fasteners commercially available. Aluminium Bronze does not contain iron, it is a non-ferrous material. Aluminium Fasteners are used in street lightning, packaging, beverage containers, cooking utensils and electrical transmission lines. Aluminium Bronze is known to create an oxide layer that prevents oxidisation in exposure to such environments. Various elements are added to aluminium to enhance its properties. These properties are enhanced while preserving the low-density of aluminium.