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Aluminium Bronze Screw

This Aluminium Bronze Screw is made with the properties of both aluminium and bronze so that more features can be used. These screws are hardened by various solid solution combination, precipitation, and cold work with a rich iron phase. These screws are water resistance even in the sea and acidic water which mean they can have various uses. These screws form a layer of alumina when reacts to the atmosphere, this layer is strong and tough to protect it from any damage. They are available in many grades so that they can be used in various applications.


Specifications and uses-

These screws are used in chemical, petrochemical, paper, process industry, automobile, shipping and many others. They are even used in barring valves, bearings, pumps, gears and machine parts. to make these screws internationally specified they are made with ASTM and ASME specifications and comes with the standard of JIN, ISO, DIN, EN, ASTM, and all other international standards. When it comes to size Aluminium Bronze Screw are available with the size range of ¼” to 2” and in M32 to M56 along with an option to place custom size order.