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Aluminium Bronze Stud Bolts

Aluminum Bronze Stud Bolts are popular because they are made using the high-quality raw material. The manufacturing of the product takes place as per the national as well as international quality standards. The common specification of this product is something like this- standard ASMT B361, WP 5083, WP6061 and WP5086. The specification is as per ASTM, BS and IS while the range is between M10-M100. The grades which are available are the 30 64430, he 20 65032 and ASTM 6063, 6061 and 6351.


Various forms of this bolt are the eye bolts, hex bolts, anchor bolts and J bolts. These stud bolts are either single-end threaded or double end threaded. The surface of the bolts are covered with the hot dipped galvanized coat, zinc plated or give plain finishing. So this was all about its specification now, we will see its uses.


Mainly these stud bolts are used in oil & gas, marine, offshore, petrochemical, thermal power plants and chemical processing. If you are in need of the Aluminum Bronze Stud Bolts then buy the best grade and best quality product from the reputed stores.