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Aluminium Bronze Washer

Aluminium Bronze Washer offers you various features which makes it stands in corrosive environments. It is tested by radiographic method so that there is none of any chances of failure of these washers.  It is compatible to stress and pitting cracks so if there is any jerks it bear the loads without any deformation. Comparing to other type washers it is excellent ability to work in the complicated arrangements. After manufactured it is checked manually by skilled worker team so damaged washers can be removed. You can buy these washers in affordable prices for long term use.


Specifications of Aluminium Bronze Washers

Clients could order their specific requirements. Manufactures only do production as per client’s norms. ASTM, IS, DIN are the standards of these washers. Lathes and advance CNC are used in production of washers. It comes in every shapes and sizes which makes it multiple to use. Aluminium Bronze Washer easily tightens in every bolt because of its different range of grades.  Wooden boxes are use in packaging of washers so that is will not damaged at the time of exporting. You can consider thee washers for excellent fittings.