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Aluminium Tubing

Aluminium Tubing are slivery white, soft and ductile. Aluminium belongs to the boron group. One of the most abundant elements on Earth is Aluminium. The density of Aluminium Tubing is remarkably low. In exposure to corroding environments it creates a passivating layer over its surface, which protects it from further corrosion. Magnesium, Manganese, copper, zinc and silicon are some commonly alloyed elements with Aluminium.

The density of Aluminium is only 30% that of copper, but it has the same thermal and electrical conductivity. Superconductivity is a property of Aluminium as it can conduct 1.2 Kelvin Temperature and 100 gauss magnetic field effectively. Aluminium is also used for the fabrication of superconductors. Aluminium Tubing are non-ferrous. Aluminium has many uses in food and beverage containers, packaging, transportation, street lightning poles, cooking utensils and electrical transmission lines. Aluminium has excellent resistance to corrosion and forms a thin layer of aluminium oxide when exposed to oxidising environments. The properties of Aluminium Tubing are enhanced with the addition of alloyants. The low-density of Aluminium is retained even after the addition of these alloyants.