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Ballistic Steel Sheet and Plates

Ballistic Steel is designed specifically for use in military applications. These steel plates are known as armour steel plates and are mostly used for safety applications. Military steels make use of armour and ballistic steels. Structural housing where high protection is needed make use of ballistic steel plates.


Ballistic steel plates are used for armament manufacturing. It is also used for many protective structure building applications, as well. Three grades of armour steel are available commercially, these are A12560, A46100 and A41677. Ballistic steels are known for their high toughness and hardness. A41600 is used for military specified applications and has properties like high hardness. These plates help in stopping high-velocity projectiles. HVPs and Sniper bullets cannot penetrate through ballistic steel plates. The stopping power of these plates depends upon three main factors i.e. speed of the bullet, size of the bullet and the distance between the plate and the weapon that shot the bullet. A12560 is generally used in combat vehicles and ammunition testing applications. A46177 is a ballistic defence grade. Light gauge applications make extensive use of this grade.