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Ballistic Steel Sheet and Plates

Ballistic steel sheet plates are an extremely durable material which has been specifically designed for protection from high-velocity projectiles and explosions. Their chemical composition comprises hardened materials such as manganese boron alloy and tempered martensitic steel, making them incredibly tough. During manufacturing, a special heat-treating procedure is used to ensure that it remains durable and can resist penetration from bullets or explosives even when impacted with incredible force. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and fire damage, adding to its impressive resiliency against hazards. Ballistic Steel Sheet Plates are the material of choice for those seeking ultra-high protection that other materials cannot match.

Ballistic steel sheet plates are ideal for defensive structures such as armoured vehicles, vaults, and safe rooms. This material combines strength, hardness, and toughness to provide superior ballistic protection against various calibres. The steel is also lightweight and easy to work with, allowing for easy installation. It is corrosion-resistant to survive in a harsh environment without deteriorating as quickly as other materials. Additionally, ballistic steel sheet plates have a very low magnetic signature, making them difficult to detect with magnetometers or other detection systems used by authorities. Thanks to their unique properties, ballistic steel sheet plates are an ideal choice when it comes to protective measures against bullets and explosions.

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