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Brass Bolts

Brass Bolts are used due to its aesthetic and physical properties. These bolts product is utilized because of its outstanding features like high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance property. It is suitable for use in the hot and cold environment and many more. The brass fastener is mostly non-magnetic than any other fastener product and is resistant to tarnishing. Brass is softer metal and it requires more care and it requires a pilot hole be driven before installation. These bolts are available in various grades, materials, dimension, shapes, and sizes. These are manufactured as regular patrons’ demand and are easily available on any online/offline vendors.


The Brass Bolts product is easily available in the fantastic price range. These bolts are manufactured in accordance with the national as well international standards. It comes in many types such as brass hexagon set screw, brass washers, brass full nuts, brass lock nuts and many more. The brass fasteners product is available in various finishing like zinc plating, nickel plating and more. These bolts are sold in bulk form and are subjected to testing to ensure the quality of the product and are delivered with test certification.