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Brass Fasteners

Brass fasteners contain zinc and copper. These Fasteners are made using varying amounts of zinc and copper, which determine the grade of brass. The mechanical and electrical properties of brass change with changing amounts of copper and zinc. Brass is a choice for decoration due to its gold like colouration. Machinability of Brass increases with increase in lead content.


Brass is used for many low-friction applications like locks, gears, doors, valves, knobs, aluminium casings and bearing. Brass has higher malleability in comparison to that of zinc or copper. Brass is used in applications where sparking occurs and might cause hazards. Workability and durability of brass fasteners is high, thus making them useful in many applications. Brass fasteners are commercially available in forms like bolts, U-bolts, J-bolts, Screws, Nuts, Hex Nuts and Washers.  Applications of brass include refrigeration systems, heat exchangers, air-conditioning systems, and plumbing. Brass comes in different types. DZR is one type of brass that is known for its high resistance toward corrosion. Water-boiling systems use Brass fasteners, owing to their durability. Bio-fouling is resisted in brass fasteners.