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Brass Screw

If you are seeking for the best industrial screws then you are right place, prefer Brass Screw for outstanding performances. These are made up of 100% pure brass. As you know, brass has tendency to resist the corrosion it is suitable for corrosive environment. It is much safer screw for industrial works this will not decoy in the application of chemicals. It is compatible to heat and does not deform below the melting point. These properties of screws makes popular amongst the engineers. Over all you can trust these screws for enhancing your fittings.


Advantages of sing Brass Screw

Chances of any failures are negligible in these screws. It gives maximum services to your fittings. With advance technology and machines, they are designed for great surface finish.  It improves the quality of your assembly as well as time period of joints. Brass Screw will easily tighten to any complicated fittings. ASTM, IS, DIN are common standards of screws. Packing will be done in wooden boxes your ordered screws not damage at the time of delivery. All of the features you get in the most reasonable prices.