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Brass Washer

Are you also looking for brass washers but not able to find anything relevant and useful then we will help you. These brass washers are manufactured from the copper and other elements products which are why sometimes it falls under that category. The main use of these washers is that due to their alloyed properties they become very useful in heating, plumbing, and many electronic applications. They are so much that they even have many applications in household works also. The main method used for manufacturing id from the alloy 260.



These washers as already said are copper alloyed so they have ASTM specifications which justify their shape, size, and other properties. These standards make them nationally and internationally qualified for use for various purposes. Though they have a predefined size of 3mm to 200mm they are also custom made as per the need of our customers. These brass washers have various types such as flat, spring, rugged, spiral and many others. So do not wait and purchase these products from us for the best service and delivery. We will ensure that the product is tested and quality checked before delivering to you.